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About Tim

No auDA on this page, it’s just who I am and why I feel confident with everything  iI say.

I was born in Wollongong and moved to Ballina (near Byron Bay) when I was 7 years old, best move EVER, great place to grow-up, riding bikes, going to the beach, fishing and I didn’t need mum and dad to take me anywhere.

School years were pretty great as well with lots of friends, the occasional bully to get rid of, girlfriends and parties. I was also addicted to sport – in a typical week during high school I would ride my bike 5km to school, play on the school’s basketball and volleyball team, was the 3rd fastest kid in my year level and 1st at long distance. Twice a week I had footy (league) practice and on other afternoons, especially daylight savings, I’d play squash and 18 holes of golf. I wasn’t a fan of fishing as I never caught anything, however, my friends reeled them in standing right next to me…

After leaving school I got a job in the public service shuffling paper and filing, this wasn’t for me as I tried to be more productive by developing new systems and the boss basically told me they liked it that way, one staff member said to me ” don’t look out the windows in the morning” I asked why , his reply was ” you’ll have nothing to do in the arvo” and he wasn’t wrong, so I quit.

I then went to work for Woolworths, becoming  a manager after a few years with a staff of about 100, budgets, targets, organisation, planning and systems were all skills I developed and fine tuned in my time working there but the travel bug hit when I was 23, so off I went to London where I found a job running english pubs, even holding an english liquor licence. When visa ran out I decided it was time to get some sunshine!

So with cameras in hand, off to Africa I went, I flew to Johannesburg and then hitched down to Cape Town, from there I hitched to Cairo! Yes all the way to the top! It took me a year with some amazing experiences along the way, living for weeks without speaking english and just using sign language, staying in mud huts and eating what the locals ate.

I then returned to Australia and worked odd jobs while waiting to start my university degree in photography. It was always a hobby of mine and I’d read everything I could about it back then and it’s still a passion today. In 1999 I completed my university arts degree in photography and worked professionally for many magazines and had some of my work published.

Whilst at uni I worked many sales jobs on the side, cold call, door to door, selling foxtel and cinema advertising, sales just seemed to come naturally to me. I then moved to Byron Bay and got  a job selling radio advertising whilst doing wedding photography on the weekends. It was now the year 2000 and the internet was starting to ‘happen’ in Byron Bay, so I decided to build my own wedding website directory for the local area and it took off, so I quit radio and stopped photographing and 16 years later here I am with a solid business totally devoted to SME’s and their online existence.

I met Helena 10 years ago and straight away knew that was it, we soon had our daughter and our son pretty close after that which makes them best buddies. Helena works full time with me and her background in graphics amongst many other things makes her a real asset, allowing me time to work on our own domain name businesses.

I am a self starter, if you knew me you would perhaps say a little too honest – if you ask me a question I will give you my honest, no frills, answer. I am a hard worker and will do whatever is needed to get the job done, if the need arises, its not unusual for me to work 30+ hours straight.

My hobbies are photography and golf and more recently vegie gardening and carpentry using reclaimed wood. I believe in re-use, re-purpose, recycle. We eat very healthy, lollies and junk food are rare treats but our children love fresh food as very little comes out of a packet in our house.

Well that’s me, just wanting everyone to play fair.